Trajineras, Xochimilco, DF

So it’s Saturday (or Sunday), and maybe you’re feeling a slight touch crudo (hungover). But you’re on vacation, or traveling, or you’re just living in Mexico City now, and you need to see something and not waste the day! Not to worry.

Head to the canals in Xochimilco. Get yourself on a trajinera to explore the seemingly endless web of canals which are all that remain of ancient Lake Xochimilco.

But before jumping right on a boat, stop near the entrance for one of these blue corn quesadillas, to go:

I like the chicharr√≥n or corn smut (huitlacoche) fillings, but they’re all going to hit the spot when you’re out on the water.¬† Next stop, sodas or beer. Stop for a tall paper cup of michelada (beer, lime juice, and sometimes hot sauce, with the rim salted and/or powdered with chili), and go pick out a good looking boat.

Or, perhaps more importantly, a strong and energetic looking oarsman.

Once you get out of the landing area, you can start to really relax and notice all the extended families and groups of friends out enjoying good food, drink, and music all around you.

You can rent a mariachi band to tie itself to your boat for a few songs, when they aren’t taking a break:

Or a xylophone:

Or refuel with some more food or drink, there are plenty of vendors to choose from right on the water, even when it’s raining:

And if you go during the week, you’ll see that the canals are not just a place to enjoy the weekends, they are still used by the town’s residents to get around:

The rich history of the region is fascinating in its own right. It’s definitely worth a visit.

The trajineras are fairly easily accessible via metro and light rail.

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